Sunday, May 13, 2012

 I had a request this week for a genius of an idea of a design to be printed on a onesie. It was mentioned by Joe Reiser, "Thanks Joe" it's a sweet idea especially coming from a huge fan of MARVEL COMICS like yourself. Anyway here it is, scope it out!

*Images Removed*

I posted this on my Facebook page so if any of you out there in Monster Land "Like" this idea and would like to cuddle up your little one in it then show some love and "Like" it on Facebook. If it receives more than 20 likes I will send the design over to my screen printer and have 25 made. Oh and don't forget to mention the sizes too.

*Images Removed*

Here are a few mockups with different backgrounds I just played around with for fun. These backgrounds aren't going to be commercial they're just for fun. But I do plan on showing a baby wearing the onesie as soon as I get them back from the printer.

Hey monster fans! Today I have a treat in store. My first design going on a T-Shirt of my brand name, it's the first line of clothing from MERCHATTACKS!
*Image Removed* Due to much thievery and plagiarism I removed the work in progress image but I will post the finished image soon. ( I'm always ahead of myself and impatient so I mocked it up and posted it up for everyone out there in monsterland to see and please let me know what your views are on this. Now remember this is not the final look so I have much more to do to re-vamp it up... ha get it re vamp! ha! Well I thought it was funny? )

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I made this Catalog just now for collector's and customers to see the complete T-shirt line of MONKEY DIVISION.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yesterday, May 6th was my first Toy Show and man did I have fun there was so many things happening all at once I couldn't decide which booth to see first. If you ever get the chance check out Wayne NJ Toy and Collectibles Show it's a blast! Even if you aren't into toys, comics or collectibles it's a fun event and the people were great. I picked up one of the usual things I collect, Monster Magazines! VAMPIRELLA, CREEPY, ERIE, and FAMOUS MONSTERS all from the 70's and all original too.

Well I'm going to be posting up some images of some collectibles soon, in this case they are vintage race slot cars so if you are interested here's a link to the page below