Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone was interested in a brand new boxed version of Apple Shake 4 compositing software? I could really use the money and I don't have any use for it so if anyone could use this software for a decent price just let me know? Oh and the Serial Key or License is unused and is for a single node user.
Serious inquiries only. I'll post up a few pictures of the actual software so you can see for your self. It comes with everything, BRAND NEW, Retail box version.
There's a few really great websites I'd like to share with you. They are Book related, and one you can swap any books you have and do not want for books you want and it's totally FREE! The other is different but awesome just the same, it allows you to collect and share books you like to read and meet people who like you share the same interests, Reading.

Here are those sites, look me up my handle is Thomas L. (thomasluca)
and the other is you can find me by this handle here Thomas Luca (thomasluca)

If you join either of the two don't be afraid to say hi and friend me. Oh and please check out my Bookshelf and Wish List on PaperBackSwap, you might have a book I've been wanting and vice versa. And remember they're both 100% free to join.