Saturday, December 15, 2012

UPDATE: If you've been watching and following this blog, well I apologize but there's going to be some changes. There's been some huge changes going on behind the curtains with this Blog really. I'm re-arranging it, everything from the content that has been posted to the looks of it as a whole and that explains the pause in posts or lack thereof. It will no longer be called "Merch Attacks" anymore and that explains why you see that strange annoying b/w symbol in place of it now, instead the name is being changed to my official freelance Illustration and Graphic Design business name, "Thomas Luca Art & illustration™" blog. The link to this blog is now In fact it is one of two of my main Blogs. What I will be doing here from now on is blogging links or sometimes the recent or old images of my sketches, drawings, illustrations and work I am creating for Editors, Publishers, Art Directors, Client commissions and more.

This will be my Illustration side out of all my Blogs, however I do have another Blog named "Paintings" which I am in the process of changing also to "Luca Fine Arts™" which will be for me blogging latest news and images of my sketches, drawings, paintings and work I am creating for Fine Art Gallery Shows and Exhibitions plus my online Galleries which I curate and you can find all them here at and that includes my Freelance Illustration and Graphic Design work as well, I actually use that website as my online business card.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ICv2 - Mad Monster Mash Art of David Hartman

ICv2 - Mad Monster Mash Art of David Hartman

Please, can anyone help me find this book? I would like to get it but so far all I have been able to scarf up is one on amazon for almost $400! Now there ain't no way I'm gonna pay that man. So if you have one in any condition or have seen one please tip a brutha and let me know? Because I would do the same for you. Thanks.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Want to find great deals on Art books?, How-to Art books, Comic books, Movies on DVD or VHS? and other cool stuff? Just click on the link above!
Or you could just look over to the top right there? See "My Galleries and Stores" where it says "ebay and ebay Half" underneath it? Those links will take you there also.

Most of everything I just want half of what I paid for it so you are getting them cheap. Thanks for looking.

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Anyone looking for great deals on textbooks, art books, digital art books, etc.? Click on this link Huge Sales from lucid_fx on eBay! for reduced prices on books. So many books to choose from.

And if you like Movies and Video Games All at one store on eBay, Click on this link Huge Sales from lucid_fx on eBay!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This article will be on my "Paintings" section of my Blog but I wanted to share it here as well. I just posted new updates for my Tiger Painting and you can see it here: Tiger Painting Update

Friday, July 6, 2012

Man o man that guy is somethin' else, what a slick paint'n way out groov'n hipster he is, Wait what? Oh you don't know who you ask? Well, Dirty Donny of course?! Ever since I had seen this original cat who calls himself a "Street Walkin' Cheetah with a handful of crayons" on youtube I was there man, hooked!
My attention was zoned in to his koolness spectrum the minute I seen him screamin' down the SF streets in his 1969 Plymouth GTX, "which by the way Donny if ur read'n this? I want ur car man!"and pluggin' his book right from the steering wheel of his chariot, "Monster Revolt! The Art of Dirty Donny" I knew I had to get it and see what this artist was all about!

Talented yes, creative and artistic definitely, but his personality is what makes him the artist he is. The dude is boss and very inspiring too! 
His art seems as though it is evoked from old comic books, reading monster magazines, the skateboard industry, the punk rock generation, graffiti and low brow art, and the hot rod kustom kulture scene I mean the guy is amazing! When it comes to all the different mediums and techniques he has mastered such as pin-striping, pen and ink, acrylic paints, airbrushing, vinyl toys, sculpture, you name it he's done it!
About his book, you will love it! I have one and I'm now waiting for him to publish another! 

Take a look at what Ginko Press says about him here:

‘Dirty’ Donny Gillies
"Dirty" Donny Gillies grew up in Ottawa Canada skating, drawing and listening to punk and Metal. He cut his artist teeth razor blade sharp designing album covers and posters for underground rocks best. These days donny resides in San Francisco California as a full time artist.There really isn't anything Donny hasn't painted on or done work for. His art is spread wide across Lowbrow, rock and skate circles with projects ranging from Toys and decks to paintings, hot rods and recocord cover art for companies like Vans, Fender, Dunlop and Kid Robot not to mention his extensive work for rock legends Metallica, just to name a few.
Meet 'Dirty Donny' on YouTube:

Link to Dirty Donny's Book for sale at Ginko Press

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I would really be tremendously grateful if anyone looking at this post would VOTE for my Painting here at Fine Art America.

Thank you!

Contest is over. A HUGE Thank you to any of you who voted!
But you can still see my work on my Fine Art America Gallery here: Thomas J. Luca

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Look for my Art and creations here at Fine Art America
Beautiful artwork prints like these

Even Paintings on Canvas such as these to collect and adorn your walls with

And even greeting cards to send to that special someone like this one here

And you can find that all on this Gallery
Here's a Catalog of the list of merch I have for Monkey Division Clothing and Accessaries

More merch is being added constantly so stop in and see what's there!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

""G" The Gargoyle" iPhone & iPod Cases by Tom Luca | RedBubble

""G" The Gargoyle" iPhone & iPod Cases by Tom Luca | RedBubble:
Wow? I guess I'm going to have to answer this myself?

OK, The answer to the quiz that was on this post page (Click Me) is,

                                                          "THE MONSTER SQUAD"

"Mac the Ripper" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"Mac the Ripper" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble:
Let's see if all of you are up to par on your Horror? Now here is a scene taken early on in the opening credits from a horror movie, the date of the film when it was released in theaters was August 14, 1987. Ok now how many of you can tell me the name of the movie?

Here's the first image clue...

Anyone know?

... ... ... 

... ... ... 

Give up?

OK here's another clue, and your'e bound to get it on this one.

Now ya got it? What movie is it?
Stay tuned for the NEXT POST for the Answer!

"Martian War Machine" by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"Martian War Machine" by Tom Luca | RedBubble:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Bad A$$ Beotch with a 9" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"Bad A$$ Beotch with a 9" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble:

"DIABOLIC COMICS mascot" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"DIABOLIC COMICS mascot" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble:

"DIABOLIC COMICS II" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"DIABOLIC COMICS II" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble:

"Dead Kitty" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"Dead Kitty" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble:
Wheeeeeew! I know I've been away for far too long, right?! Well tonight I'd like to share a book that I've been buried in for the past week.  It's about a very talented artist that you should all know and his name is Basil Gogos. You ever wondered who was painting the covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland? CREEPY? EERIE? SPACEMAN? WILDEST WESTURNS? and THE SPIRIT? Well now you know. The book is titled and rightfully so, "Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos"
And here is a picture of it here...

God I love this book, If you get a chance grab one because they are going so fast and the prices are skyrocketing! I was fortunate to pick one up for under $30.
It is loaded with awesome photos of his works and tells a lot about him and his life. Interesting book and not only for the Monster Movie Aficionado but for anyone. It's introduced by Rob Zombie which happens to be one of my favorite bands and his movies are great.
 Anyway I am inspired by Basil hugely and I find myself wanting to paint with a plethora of colors saturating the canvas with contrasting tones each time I paint.
 Could it be because I'm reading his books a little too much lately and I'm dreaming in technicolor as a result? Maybe?

"Vintage Cafe Racer" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble

"Vintage Cafe Racer" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Luca | RedBubble:

Here's one of mine that just been sold!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

 I had a request this week for a genius of an idea of a design to be printed on a onesie. It was mentioned by Joe Reiser, "Thanks Joe" it's a sweet idea especially coming from a huge fan of MARVEL COMICS like yourself. Anyway here it is, scope it out!

*Images Removed*

I posted this on my Facebook page so if any of you out there in Monster Land "Like" this idea and would like to cuddle up your little one in it then show some love and "Like" it on Facebook. If it receives more than 20 likes I will send the design over to my screen printer and have 25 made. Oh and don't forget to mention the sizes too.

*Images Removed*

Here are a few mockups with different backgrounds I just played around with for fun. These backgrounds aren't going to be commercial they're just for fun. But I do plan on showing a baby wearing the onesie as soon as I get them back from the printer.

Hey monster fans! Today I have a treat in store. My first design going on a T-Shirt of my brand name, it's the first line of clothing from MERCHATTACKS!
*Image Removed* Due to much thievery and plagiarism I removed the work in progress image but I will post the finished image soon. ( I'm always ahead of myself and impatient so I mocked it up and posted it up for everyone out there in monsterland to see and please let me know what your views are on this. Now remember this is not the final look so I have much more to do to re-vamp it up... ha get it re vamp! ha! Well I thought it was funny? )

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I made this Catalog just now for collector's and customers to see the complete T-shirt line of MONKEY DIVISION.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yesterday, May 6th was my first Toy Show and man did I have fun there was so many things happening all at once I couldn't decide which booth to see first. If you ever get the chance check out Wayne NJ Toy and Collectibles Show it's a blast! Even if you aren't into toys, comics or collectibles it's a fun event and the people were great. I picked up one of the usual things I collect, Monster Magazines! VAMPIRELLA, CREEPY, ERIE, and FAMOUS MONSTERS all from the 70's and all original too.

Well I'm going to be posting up some images of some collectibles soon, in this case they are vintage race slot cars so if you are interested here's a link to the page below

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Hi, everyone! Welcome to MerchAtttacks! I usually blog from my Facebook page but for now on I decided to announce and run things from this Blog instead since it being my main page for my new brand enterprise n' all. Please gimme love people and let me know what you think, I need your feedback. I'm beginning from page one so... stick around cause we're going to kick things up a bit.
  I'm really excited about what's to come in the following months. MerchAttacks is my Store Brand name for selling merch that spewed from my fiendish thoughts inside this dungeonish cage I call a head.

 And... what exactly is MerchAttacks all about you ask? I'm glad you did. As I move forward in this competitive and highly personal gratifying venture as an artist & designer I am constantly looking for that, "Wow! Hey look, that actually looks really kool" moments in life. You know, one of those "Eureka!" moments.
 Well, to get back on track I have two blogs one for my art & design studio, "Which I am currently running without a name" and the other my store brand name which is obvious, "MerchAttacks!" she is solely there as an outlet for selling my art I create, sending art to printers, and finally stocking the cyber shelves in my stores online and hopefully it all will perpetually happen in that order again and again.

 While I do plan on making revenue, I have no intentions or delusions of grandeur of striking it rich I simply would like to make fantastic things for myself and for you to wear, hang on your walls, etc.
 That being said I don't plan to charge outrageous prices and i plan on documenting it all here on MerchAttacks! I want to keep you in-the-know constantly by showing you what I'm up to.

 The emphasis or influences that drive my creative madness is: pop culture, pulp fiction, horror, sci-fi & fantasy, cartoons, comics, kustom kulture, lowbrow, exploitation, B-movies, grindhouse, basically MOVIE oriented themes because movies are a huge inspiration and motivator for me.
 I freelance from a small studio that has help from family and a few friends from time to time with big ambitions of creating clothing, paintings, accessaries, anything kustom made for myself and the world to enjoy.

 I've got a lot of posting to do since I've got an overloaded hard drive that's chock full of stuff saved over the years and new things I'm constantly adding to it. I also want to post sketches, inks, colors, and final versions of ideas, designs, and other things so if you can please let me know what you think I'd appreciate it.
 So... for starters it's time to smack this post up with some of my new logo designs, banners, and business card ideas I have brewin'. Here's one I've been playin' with and I just finished it today

I kinda' like it better than the first one I had up, here's a shot of it here

Probably reminds you of a few science fiction movies you may have seen, right? Good... that's what I was shooting for. A lot of what I do is inspired by movies and not just sci-fi all genres fuel my fire. Well that's it for now, more tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here's some more images of what I'm currently selling on MERCHATTACKS! right now. For now it's just some T-Shirts, patches, stickers and iPhone Skins which I'm going to post here for you in a bit and as I make more and hopefully sell all of it I can make more and post it.
Like these Monkey Division stickers for instance, A lot of you are probably saying to your self... WTH is that? Well, I was in your shoes not too long ago too asking the same question but then I learned where this brand came from. Turns out It's a toy company that faded away almost 30 years ago by REMCO so just about the only ones that are reading this and saying, "yep, I remember that." are the baby boomers of yesteryear.

Here's that name I mentioned above, "REMCO" as a 5 x 2 inch oval patch. This was embroidered by an Embroidering Company by the name of Custom Patches Online. They were extremely professional in that  their speed of the whole process was lightning. Their prices are average compared to most embroiderers out there but the quality and speed out weighs the price.

These two patches were also done by Custom Patches Online. And are for sale over HERE.

Here's something called an iPhone Skin, this one was printed over at Stickermule. They do an excellent job over there so if you ever are in the mood to get something sticky printed they're the people to get it done.

Well that's about it for now? I'll have W I P's later on my next project, well actually I have a few but for now ... gotta go so keep looking, stay in touch and I'll see you later.

Stay tuned for updates of the next design I'm working on. This will be the very first one to grace this page since I just started it. Also I'm going to be showing how I made it so I'll post some pics of the process too. Oh btw this blog, "Merch Attacks!" is the main website, "the mothership so to speak" where anything and everything you will see in the future gets sent to this online store. MERCH ATTACKS!

I had these printed a while back in January of 2012 by MerchSpin, they're located in FL, are very receptive, plus do a kick ass job on the print quality, check 'em out if you are going to have something printed soon. I started and finished with the designs in December 2011 so they are fairly new. 
Stick around, see works in process, show off some really awesome threads, and help spread the word!