Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here's some more images of what I'm currently selling on MERCHATTACKS! right now. For now it's just some T-Shirts, patches, stickers and iPhone Skins which I'm going to post here for you in a bit and as I make more and hopefully sell all of it I can make more and post it.
Like these Monkey Division stickers for instance, A lot of you are probably saying to your self... WTH is that? Well, I was in your shoes not too long ago too asking the same question but then I learned where this brand came from. Turns out It's a toy company that faded away almost 30 years ago by REMCO so just about the only ones that are reading this and saying, "yep, I remember that." are the baby boomers of yesteryear.

Here's that name I mentioned above, "REMCO" as a 5 x 2 inch oval patch. This was embroidered by an Embroidering Company by the name of Custom Patches Online. They were extremely professional in that  their speed of the whole process was lightning. Their prices are average compared to most embroiderers out there but the quality and speed out weighs the price.

These two patches were also done by Custom Patches Online. And are for sale over HERE.

Here's something called an iPhone Skin, this one was printed over at Stickermule. They do an excellent job over there so if you ever are in the mood to get something sticky printed they're the people to get it done.

Well that's about it for now? I'll have W I P's later on my next project, well actually I have a few but for now ... gotta go so keep looking, stay in touch and I'll see you later.

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