Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stay tuned for updates of the next design I'm working on. This will be the very first one to grace this page since I just started it. Also I'm going to be showing how I made it so I'll post some pics of the process too. Oh btw this blog, "Merch Attacks!" is the main website, "the mothership so to speak" where anything and everything you will see in the future gets sent to this online store. MERCH ATTACKS!

I had these printed a while back in January of 2012 by MerchSpin, they're located in FL, are very receptive, plus do a kick ass job on the print quality, check 'em out if you are going to have something printed soon. I started and finished with the designs in December 2011 so they are fairly new. 
Stick around, see works in process, show off some really awesome threads, and help spread the word!

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