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This article will be on my "Paintings" section of my Blog but I wanted to share it here as well. I just posted new updates for my Tiger Painting and you can see it here: Tiger Painting Update

Friday, July 6, 2012

Man o man that guy is somethin' else, what a slick paint'n way out groov'n hipster he is, Wait what? Oh you don't know who you ask? Well, Dirty Donny of course?! Ever since I had seen this original cat who calls himself a "Street Walkin' Cheetah with a handful of crayons" on youtube I was there man, hooked!
My attention was zoned in to his koolness spectrum the minute I seen him screamin' down the SF streets in his 1969 Plymouth GTX, "which by the way Donny if ur read'n this? I want ur car man!"and pluggin' his book right from the steering wheel of his chariot, "Monster Revolt! The Art of Dirty Donny" I knew I had to get it and see what this artist was all about!

Talented yes, creative and artistic definitely, but his personality is what makes him the artist he is. The dude is boss and very inspiring too! 
His art seems as though it is evoked from old comic books, reading monster magazines, the skateboard industry, the punk rock generation, graffiti and low brow art, and the hot rod kustom kulture scene I mean the guy is amazing! When it comes to all the different mediums and techniques he has mastered such as pin-striping, pen and ink, acrylic paints, airbrushing, vinyl toys, sculpture, you name it he's done it!
About his book, you will love it! I have one and I'm now waiting for him to publish another! 

Take a look at what Ginko Press says about him here:

‘Dirty’ Donny Gillies
"Dirty" Donny Gillies grew up in Ottawa Canada skating, drawing and listening to punk and Metal. He cut his artist teeth razor blade sharp designing album covers and posters for underground rocks best. These days donny resides in San Francisco California as a full time artist.There really isn't anything Donny hasn't painted on or done work for. His art is spread wide across Lowbrow, rock and skate circles with projects ranging from Toys and decks to paintings, hot rods and recocord cover art for companies like Vans, Fender, Dunlop and Kid Robot not to mention his extensive work for rock legends Metallica, just to name a few.
Meet 'Dirty Donny' on YouTube:

Link to Dirty Donny's Book for sale at Ginko Press