Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alina Nova - Space Bounty Hunter "Preview"

Alina Nova - Space Bounty Hunter

 I'm working on a new Science Fiction themed painting that will ultimately be set forth on my Portfolios in my Book Illustrations section. I have a ways to go yet and this one will take me quite a bit of time but it's for my Portfolio and I want to display my abilities of strength in detail and of quality because that's the way I like to do it.
 I have named her, the Character, "Alina Nova", I don't know I like the sound of it. "Alina" just sounds like a great heroine first name and "Nova", well I borrowed that one from the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes", in that film their's a female actress named Caroline Munro and she plays the role of... that's right, you guessed it, "Nova".

 I really love those films, they are Classics, you now? And I grew up watching them. So that name fits I thought as an homage, why not? Anyway here is a preview of the work so far. It is shown in small size screenshots but you will have a chance to see it in very large detail when it is finished.
 I gathered a culmination of ideas and references from various favorite TV shows, films, etc. Picked a few characteristics out here and there and started piecing it together before I started painting. I like to gather as much reference as I can first before begin my projects.

Now there's plenty more to be done yet so it will look a little different. A lot better. I might change some things?

 Here's the first preview;

Some screenshots of the reference images I'm using. And I'm not copying from them slavishly but merely taking some traits I like and adding a bit of my flavor to the painting as a whole.
Here are those reference images.

This one is what got me sparked in the first place, great art, I'm not sure of whether or not it's a good read or not? Because I haven't read it yet. Looks interesting enough, I love these TPB's kind of novels in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror categories.

Next up is "The Pose" I chose. I changed it slightly different though but again just adding my own flavor. And all of these that you see here are the same size I'm using for reference.

I was trolling around on Google images and found this face though I'm not sure who it is? Whether she is a Model or Actress?

which I'm not sure if this look will stick? I might go with this one instead? Just the face.

Because I am infatuated with Caroline M. Well what guy in his right mind isn't?

And so far here is a close up shot of some detail of her waist section showing off her Blaster holster, utility belt, buckle and pocket zipper. Now keep in mind these are just roughs so far and soon I will start to add the details in and it will come together nicely.

Stay tuned for another "somewhat"...LoL exciting adventure of Alina Nova! The Space Bounty Hunter!
When? I don't know? In a couple of days maybe. See you then.

to be continued...

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